Get your mind out of the gutter folks! I mean that I went to Harrah’s and enjoyed his show. Seriously, sometimes the way y’all think disgusts me! Earl Turner is a performer who is here on loan from Vegas, but has some serious roots (hey – I got rid of mine today at the hairdresser) in New Orleans.

What should I expect Greta? Glad you asked. Well, my demure school teacher friend and I went in (LOL – she is sooo much fun – no names revealed here though) and we whooped it up, danced, shouted, sang (poorly), made cat calls and had a blast for 90 minutes of this fantabulous show. I think I am a high energy person, then I watched Earl. He is like the Energizer Bunny on crack mixed with a little James Brown, a little MC Hammer & a little Michael Jackson (just the dance move part – minus the whole Neverland wierdness – but you get the point). The man can sing, dance and get a crowd going!!! He is backed up by 7 fantastic musicians and 2 wonderful singers who help complete the show. This is entertainment folks- don’t let it pass by and say you missed it! BTW – he will be a guest on my radio show on June 21st – should be fun!!!

Show 411: 7:00 PM in Harrah’s Theater, tix $25 and up, (504)533-6600 orTicketmaster.comJune 6th, June 11-15, June 18-22 & June 25-29

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