***My radio show yesterday was a bunch of fun! Each week I definitely feel more natural and am certainly enjoying all the interesting guests I have on!!! I love people!!!

***I stopped by Prima Donna’s Closet for our meet-up for our girl’s night out. Ya – I did a little shopping too. Hard to resist!!

***img_3728.JPGWe went to the WYES Beer Tasting event at the Lakefront Arena last night. The Princess of Positive (had my tiara on) is always looking for the positive side of every event and I will just say that it was successful and well attended. I did have keg party flashbacks while I was there – LOL! Maybe this was not the venue for the 40 plus woman crowd – but everyone seemed to be having a fantabulous time and certainly all the proceeds went to a worthy cause!

***img_3729.JPGWe ended our night at Andrea’s Restaurant for delish appetizers and drinks. The bar has been renovated and is very “Italian baroque.” This crowd was a little older than us (but we are social chameleons). We had fun with Mary Flynn who sang while we were there. She loves Chicago and we recognized many songs – note to self – see the movie!

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  1. Hi Greta!
    How can you be having such a great time & even time for yourself with all you do & the kids out of school.
    Keep on shopping & having fun.
    Love you, Mom

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