a stone is just a stone…right? Who turned the “you are now 40 and will have a multitude of stupid annoying medical problems” button on? I want to kick their ass!!! I will continue to think positive thoughts and see everything with my warped sense of humor – you betcha! 40 was just some stupid number that gives morons permission to…well…buy a car they can’t afford or go for major plastic surgery (neither of which I will partake in). When I made my, “what I want when I turn 40 wish list, taking estrogen, passing kidney stones & getting a needle boob biopsy” were not on the list. Back to my quest for world domination and if you don’t think I can do it – I’ll chuck my stone at you as soon as it enters the world! Yep – 40 and fabulous will resume as soon as my estrogen dose makes me not want to stop short on the road because of an annoying tailgater! I will now resume to happy & positive thoughts with fluffy bunnies in a meadow with a beautiful rainbow in the backdrop!

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2 Replies to “A kiss is just a kiss & …”

  1. Greta, You are not supposed to even begin to fall apart at 40. These “inconveniences” will get resolved except for the estrogen, which you need. You never let anyone especially your mom know when you have a problem. The “everready bunny” must keep going.
    Love you, Mom

  2. Are you getting a titanium marker with your biopsy? (They slip a little diamond shaped piece of metal into the biopsy cavity so they can keep track of the old biopsied non-threatening lumps.) It’s like really expensive boob jewelry that only your radiologist gets to enjoy! Sweet!

    Sarcasm aside, welcome to 40. Getting old sucks but it sure beats the alternative!

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