I just finished reading this book at the suggestion of my friend Yatpundit. I’m glad he sugested it or I might have missed this treasure! Nope – I’m not Catholic, but I do have a Great Aunt who is a nun – so close enough. And I grew up in the Boston area where if I wanted to go out with many of my friends, I had to attend Mass first. I’ve sat in more pews than most Catholics – LOL!

The Joy of Ya’t Catholocism is a MUST READ for anyone who resides or has any interest in New Orleans, Catholicism or both!!! It is the definitive guide to the naming of everything in New Orleans, a clear and chronological layout of Catholic and Y’at Catholic traditions and holidays and the handbook for everything else New Orleans. All this is presented in Earl’s easy to read and most humorous style. The book had me giggling and smiling the whole time I read it. I know Boston Catholics, but this Y’at Catholicism is a whole other ballgame. Y’at Catholicism is the backbone of the traditions, culture and understanding of why New Orleans is what it is!” ~Greta~

Earl Higgins on King Cake:

“Righteous anger is appropriate and not sinful, especially in such solemn occasions as when a person eating a king cake bites into the plastic baby in the cake and tries to hide the fact from the rest of the people in the office.”

Earl Higgins on Godparents:

“When choosing a parrain, the parents of the infant should be careful to pick someone who will not show up to work with a weaving walk and fumes wafting through his slurred speech. Likewise, a nanan with too much cleavage revealing and tattoos on her bosom does not display the proper spirit of the sacrament of reception into Christian life. Y’at parents are wise to bring to the church, along with the diaper bag and a bottle, breath mints for the parrain and a shawl for nanan.”


***Earl Higgins, will be a guest on my radio show in a few weeks.
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