I won’t even get into how disgusting water parks are! Feet, pee – just better to not think about it!!! Also, if anyone needs to conduct a random population study of all walks of life from the US – water parks have it!

Today, I survived Blue Bayou water park and the connecting amusement park – Dixie Landin’ with just me and the 3 kids. I should get some type of badge for that. We left Mandeville at 8:30, were home by 6:00 & we did everything! Hope y’all will appreciate this guide! I’ve also been to Gulf Islands Water Park and other parks across the US and I would think the same rules apply for all!

***Find out how tall your kids are before you go!!! Will the kids all be able to go on the same rides? 48″ is the magic number for Blue Bayou & 42″ for Gulf Islands. Bigger kids may be excluded from smaller kids play areas too!
*** Chances are you will have to clear the rides for a short time during a thunder shower or maybe have to leave early – be prepared! We did the amusement rides in the afternoon from 2-4.
*** Buy tickets on-line & see if there are any discounts!
*** Research the park’s least busy days. Call ahead to see if there are any camps scheduled to be there the day you plan on going.
*** Pack a cooler of drinks and snacks for the car for afterwards. If you are willing to give up park time, pack lunch too.
*** Make kids eat breakfast before they go.
*** Put kids in bright colored bathing suits.
*** Apply face sunblock at home.
*** Pack a park bag with sunblock and towels.
*** Arrive before the park opens!
*** Spray sunblock while waiting in line.
*** Invest in one of those waterproof money holder necklaces.
*** Bring cash! Parking $5 Blue Bayou & free Gulf Islands. Locker rental $10 Blue Bayou & $6 Gulf Islands (you get $4 or $5 dollars back when you turn in the key).
*** Bring a book or magazine for yourself when the kids are in the wave pool!
*** SANITIZE everyone IMMEDIATELY when you get home!!!

***Your tips are welcome!

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