They are driving me nuts!!!

The toughest summer rule I have for the rugmonsters is that they may only have electronics before 9:00 AM or after dark. You sleep past 9 – too stinkin’ bad! What the HELL was I thinking when I made this rule??? Guess who gets to deal with them, the fighting, the feeding, the entertaining, the boo boos all day long – me!!! Yes, I even sat through Kung Fu Panda today (pretty good). For even more punishment, I have decided to spend my Tuesday at Blue Bayou water park! UGH!!!!

Helpful Mom tip of the day – invite you and your kids to someone else’s house to trash!

You know I adore and cherish the opportunity I have to be a stay-at-home (that is such a joke of a term – I spend most the time in the car) to raise my kids – but this summer may just put me over the edge and you get to laugh along with me!!! Who knows, this may be my last summer at home full-time…(we’ll see).

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2 Replies to “I love them but…”

  1. Send them into the back yard. When I was a kid, I could spend all day out there playing with my dinosaurs and army men and all kinds of things. Imagination. That’s what’s missing from today’s kids. Now it’s all video games and DVD’s and computers and crap. Start a summer reading program. Take them to the library and have them read a new book every day or two.

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