***New Orleans has been named the “Most Sparkling City” by Yellow Tail Wines. July 1st, Chartres Mall in front of St. Louis Cathedral will be all the brewhaha. Ms. Frommer (from the guide) will be there. She hasn’t seen my “Princess of Positive” tiara yet – now that is sparkling!

“It’s exciting that the American people realize New Orleans has not lost its sparkle,” Frommer said. “Although the city has gone through very rough times, the tourist areas are back–and are as exciting and dynamic as ever. It’s great that [yellow tail] is honoring this city for its warm culture and unique history. If there ever were a city that truly sparkles, today and forever, it is New Orleans.”

***I dropped #1 son at Prevention with Pride Camp today – I miss him already!!! He will have a great time and hopefully come out with some necessary tools to face Junior High and peer pressure.

***5 more weeks until school starts! Yeppers – August 8th – can you believe it???

***The podcast from my radio show from last Saturday is up.

***Apropos Lolcats

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