All I know about comic books, is that I buy them for my boys. So…when my hairdresser told me about 2 comic book characters from Louisiana and 1 from MS – I had to share. It was too cool not to!

1. Gambit from X-Men/Marvel Comics. Some interesting tidbits on Gambit.
* he speaks with a Cajun accent
* he is proud of his Louisiana heritage
* born in New Orleans
* his love interest is Rogue from MS

2. Rogue is a superheroine of the mutant X-Men team.
* from Mississippi
* is a true Southern Belle
* she even has her own fan club!
* love interest is Gambit from New Orleans
* real name Anna Marie

3. Killer Croc from DC comics
* he speaks with a Cajun accent
* he does voodoo magic
* he is from the swamps

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3 Replies to “Let’s talk comics”

  1. When I was growing up, I loved comics. X-Men was among my faves …

    I often wished to be more like Rogue, and to meet a man like Gambit. 😉

    (Which is REALLY funny now given that I’m married to a Cajun! ;))

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