Hello Mandeville and the greater New Orleans area!!! Welcome to the coolest blog around! This is generally a fun, upbeat, positive and eclectic blog. However, I am am a very honest person and am also very opinionated and am no shrinking violet! I expect the same from my elected officials and public figures as I do my children. Is that too much to ask?

I was on the air tonight because I put up a petition a while back to see if there was any interest in recalling Mayor Price and also because Jeff Crouere mentioned my petition to the station. A lot of people said they would sign it, but when push came to shove, they would not put their name on it! You are welcome to sign it now. But, since I do not see a recall actually happening unless something else comes up with Mayor Price, like maybe something scandalous or something from the audit, I’m not sure it will ever happen.

In a perfect world, Mayor Price will give his speech tomorrow, apologize profusely for his horrible judgment, confess to a drinking problem (if he has one) and tell us his plan for getting help, eliminate the use of city vehicles, apologize profusely (yes I am repeating myself), and tell us what we should expect from the audit. I’m more upset with the Toys for Tots scandal (hard to believe) than a night of poor judgment that “fortunately” did not cause anyone bodily harm. But I am sure the 4 people without jobs today would not feel that way. He will also discuss what REALLY went on that night, what we did not get to hear and tell us about the – come clean. I am willing to forgive and move on as long as there aren’t any more rabbits in his hat!

If Mayor Price knows of anything that will come in the audits (a la Toys for Tots) that will continue to embarrass our community HE NEEDS TO RESIGN NOW!! Walk away and let our community move forward! Let a new face without clouded judgment step into the *er…uh* “driver’s seat.