No – it isn’t a bad word, it’s not news, it’s FARK!!! It is a site where they take all the news stories in every genre and write about the funniest “Fark” headlines – ever. And yes, they are equal opportunity offenders! Some are rude and crude, but most just make me bust a gut laughing. I had to share some of the funniest clean ones ones with you. Gosh, I used to think I wanted a job as a bill collector for one hour a day so I could get paid to be the ultimate beeotch and then resume to my happy life. But working for Fark would be a freaking party!!! Oh ya – and each headline comes with a one word description like: asinine, dumbass, amusing, obvious. Bwahahaha!

added Wednesday – too good to pass on Woman arrested trading sex for gasoline. Police note that she was taking “getting screwed by high gas prices” way too literally

Londoners swelter in the hottest day of the year, 82 degrees, or what people in Tucson call “sweater weather”

Seventy-four-year-old woman drives Cadillac through front window of liquor store, gets out of car, grabs a six pack of Budweiser and takes it to the counter

Amy Winehouse is being turned into a waxwork at Madame Tussauds and it will include a three-foot beehive. Reports that the replica hairdo is being made from recycled parts of Chewbacca’s waxwork yet to be confirmed

Less than 1/3 of Texas third-graders and less than 1/10 of high school seniors pass standardized physical fitness tests. Now pass me some more BBQ, Bubba

“Apple is perceived as a cool company; Dell comes across as a grandfather clock with arthritis”

The wheels on Obama’s bus no longer touch the ground, now that MoveOn’s been stuffed down there along with Clark, Wright, Pfleger, his grandmother, the seal, the city of Jerusalem and Scarlett Johansson

McCain’s veep list is topped by Mitt Romney, who will know exactly what he thinks about that fact as soon as an identifiable consensus is formed about it on Fox News

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