Waving to all of you from a farm named “Castle” Aarrrgh in Kansas. That is right – a real live farm. Since my boys are at Camp Stanislaus this week and hubby has to work, Princess Whinalot and I left Louis Armstrong on Express Jet (direct flight) for Kansas yesterday. We decided to visit our friend’s farm for a much needed change of scenery.

Yes, The Princess of Positive enjoys the outdoors. There are 8 cats, 2 dogs, chickens, goats, horses on 78 acres here! I am writing to you while on the back porch (they have wireless) overlooking some gorgeous scenery while a rooster is actually doing his morning routine!

I know how wonderful my life is, but a little vacation now and again is good for everyone. Today I will mow the lawn, pick some blackberries, get my butt on a horse and maybe even shoot some guns! Yeeha!!!! We also have to get ready for the farmer’s market on Wednesday!

Posting may or may not be light this week – I’m on vacation and haven’t decided!!! Kiss My Gumbo readers are the best! I think I need a name for Kiss My Gumbo…anyone want to come up with one???

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