Back in October of 2007, I had a burst of genius (must have been good coffee that morning) and posted about it here and here (check both for the comments – go on – click at least one of the links – you know you want to). I wrote about the possibility of NOLA turning shipping containers into homes. But, (here is the extra genius) to turn them into shotgun style houses that would blend in with the local architecture (a rectangle is a rectangle). I’m no architect, though I claim to work for Vandelay (Seinfeld reference) Architectural Firm (lol). I was even so brave as to put my telephone number on my blog in case Brad Pitt wanted to call and talk to me about it. Brad never called *sniff sniff*, instead a guy named Phil Lebovits from the other LA (that is in CA my friends) contacted me. See…I keep telling y’all that people read my blog!

Anyhoo, Phil is working for IC Green and was coming to NOLA to see if there is an interest in this company who makes…get this…shipping container dwellings! He found me by Googling shipping containers and New Orleans (gotta love Google). So today, the rugmonsters and I met him for lunch at Cafe’ Maspero and then walked around the FQ a bit. What a great guy and with such an interesting resume which included, comedy, writing, films, musicals and shipping container dwellings. I thought I was eclectic, geesh, Phil has got me beat on that!

We have plenty of shipping containers, we need more solid and practical homes, we are trying to be eco-friendly…makes sense to me!

What do you think NOLA…are we ready for something that actually makes sense???

***This Saturday’s radio show AM 690 WIST from 3:00-4:00, will have comedian Jay Jay Richardson and Phil Lebovits (the guy I referred to in this post). It will be FUN!!!