The saying, “This too shall pass,” is all I keep thinking about lately. Maybe it is because of the freaking kidney stone I have lodged in me that WON’T PASS! Yeppers, I’ll be getting my surgery on Tuesday and phew…this chapter will be closed. Anyhoo, this post is not about me (big relief – I know), it is about Louisiana and all our (is LA a she?) glamorous scandalous headlines.

The old adage that any PR is good PR may not be the case for us. The media will always highlight the negative crud, the juicy stuff – it is what they (I’m guilty at times) do – how they pay the bills. Why? Because that is what we demand. If I invented a 24-7 positive news channel – it would probably fail miserably. We love the sensational stuff, the stuff we can talk about at the water cooler. Our own media is possibly hurting us! Of course, the media seems to be handed great news stories on an hourly basis! UGH!!! Stupid corruption! Stupid politicians that do stupid and unethical things!

The question I have for you, is how can we combat the negative media (besides everyone reading this blog & listening to my radio show every week)? How can we continue to keep our chins up and move forward when we are surrounded by all this negativity? How can we convince possible newcomers that the negative crud in the news does not define us?

And yes, today’s negative headlines will pass! We just need to bombard the media with the good stuff!

***This Saturday’s radio show AM 690 WIST from 3:00-4:00, will have comedian Jay Jay Richardson and Phil Lebovits from icgreeen who is a comic, producer & writer too.

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  1. Invite everyone we know to visit and encourage/beg them to go home and tell everyone they know. Everytime I have friends in they are impressed by how far we have come since the media tells them differently. I took a friend to waveland to swim this weekend and although she could still see a lot of signs of Katrina she could just as easily see the progress. Yeah for Waveland!

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