I was wondering about your thoughts on the new http://nola.com format/look??? As a blogger – I feel…well…like a needle in a haystack now. As a reader – I enjoy a little color on a page. I like having the weather featured and everything grouped – but I think it may be a little overwhelming as a front page.

My 2cents fwiw. What do you think???

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One Reply to “NOLA.com new layout”

  1. I am not familiar with what it used to look like (do you have a screenshot you can post so we can compare)?

    I did not see a way to get to forums from the main page, other than the Site Map or the More NOAH coverage…Blogs.

    It does offer a LOT of information, and it has it displayed pretty well. It appears that each community/neighborhood in their market area has a quick way to find local stuff, and there is a site search that let me find your Blog quickly.

    I do not like the use of multiple “html frames” on Forums Search

    I just noticed you do not have the checkbox for followup by email here on KMG you have on HW. Why?

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