What could the Princess of Positive (your truly) find positive about the whole Mandeville, Mayor Price, audit, corruption scandal? Something good needs to come out of something bad…right? Well here it is folks…the positive stuff…drum roll……all the cards are on the freaking table now!!! Audits, budgets, statements, names – all on the computer in a lengthy but easy to read audit (see my audit summary here).

Now what would be even more positive would be for St Tammany to hire an Inspector General & for the Mayor to walk away gracefully. We may get the IG, but he won’t leave and we will continue to pay his legal defense (correct me if I’m wrong) as long as he is in office. So will Mandeville rally and demand he step down???

He may be a great guy as I’m sure Ray Nagin is, but he can’t and shouldn’t lead our city.

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