To do list, calendars, all that school paperwork, practices, work, life, birthdays – UGH!!! My business partner and I have been very busy organizing a school library this week (PTA paid for it). Anyhoo, I thought I would share a few tips that may get you off to a good start this year.

1. Computer homepage: I used to use a Yahoo homepage, but switched to iGoogle. You can add everything you can possibly need on one page with their widgets (like preview e-mail) and the designs are cool too.

2. Calendars: I love Google calendars and got them to sync with my iphone by using Plaxo (a free service). In other words – make sure you can access your calendar from your phone. I also love my hand-held calendar and my large family dry-erase calendar! Keeps everyone from bugging you about when something is!

3. School papers: A small hanging folder organizer for all school related stuff works great. Separate: grades, artwork, policies, school stuff, & Parish stuff.

4. Clothes & shoes: Go through closets & drawers & get rid off stuff that doesn’t fit!

5. School supplies: Keep a stash of supplies to replenish throughout the year.

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  1. greta, does the google calendar keep up with and send you alert reminders on your iphone?

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