Welcome to the most entertaining and eclectic blog in Louisiana! My family moved here January of 2007 and we consider ourself “Post-K perma-transplants.” In other words – YOU ARE STUCK WITH US! I have been a blogger for 4 years now, mostly writing military stuff, until I moved here and now add this blog and NOLA.com to my resume. There is soooo much fun stuff to write about here. Unfortunately, there has been a little scandal surrounding my new home too. Since I have this public forum and seek truth, justice & the American dream…or something corny like that…I will continue to give you my two cents on local issues as well.

The citizens of Mandeville should all be outraged and not accept the leadership as is. The “It’s just the way it is in Louisiana,” attitude is unacceptable to this camper. So pull up your keyboard, make me your favorite and scroll down and read away!

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