I spoke with Rafael Goyeneche from the Metropolitan Crime Commission today. He brought resolution #08-36 (see below) from the August 1st City Council meeting to my attention. He explained that the way it is written, the City Council pretty much has handed Mayor Price a blank check for legal fees $$$$$$$$$$$$. Mr Goyeneche also explained to me that the initial hourly fee charged by Gray Sexton was $235 and, though unconfirmed at this time in writing, he believes it to have increased to $500 an hour as 2 additional lawyers from Sexton’s firm are on board now. As soon as I confirm this hourly fee I will let you know.

And how about if you say…are on a cruise and forget your credit card and reach for your city card? If you wait 2 months to pay the money you borrowed back – does that include interest? If that was me or you, we would have been charged a heavy interest fine by our credit cards. I guess the “Citizens of Mandeville Bank” has longer grace periods for late fees than Citibank!!! All the money Trilby Lenfant is asking to paid back – does that include interest too?

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  1. Let me know where everyone has gone. I’m not very interested in talking/hearing about weed b gone , spanking and cars for sale. They lost me.

  2. Is it possible that the nola website gave their codes to get into their web site to certain politicians? Then the politicians would have free access to delete anything they wanted. Advanced net is a Newhouse corporation so maybe someone needs to notify the corporation as to what is going on. “They” are playing hardball with the people. “They” are out of control. It’s time the feds take the whole group out with RICO or whatever else they can find.

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