Update: Oh look – my name in lights on NOLA.com along with the word terminated – how special!

I’m out and I’m proud….no I’m not gay (not that there is anything wrong with that). As many of you know, I have been writing a bunch about recalling Mayor Price on this blog and tried to keep it separate from my NOLA.com blog. Today…the two worlds collided. So until this campaign is over I will not be writing for NOLA.com. Hopefully we can wrap this up in a month or so and I will only lose a little bit of cash. I feel very passionate about this recall and it is soooooo worth it if you ask me. Now I will be able to stand right behind Mike & Rodney (the chair & co-chair) of the recall petition and cheer them on publicly this week. I may even do some press stuff too. I will also continue to help organize the recall efforts the best I can (hey I am a professional organizer).

Anyhoo, NOLA.com is our friend – I really love them and all the people who work there. So cut them some slack:)

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  1. Not so sure about nola.com being our friend. The posting deletions are not in accordance with their user agreement and seem to be nothing more than cover for those who have so egregiously violated the public trust.

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