We called our home phone and the answering machine picked up – so we have power. We were just glad that AC Copper didn’t pick up and answer bwahahaha. Our neighbor texted me that we only had some branches down so far and 30-40 mph gusts. We are waiting to see if any tornadoes go through St. Tammany Parish and then heading South from Crystal Springs, MS. Twitter has been great through the storm and a great way to get the status of NOLA. Just with my Twitter friends alone, I am convinced that the statistic that 90% of New Orleans residents evacuated is a little inflated. Glad this storm was not as scary as anticipated. I just doubt everyone will evacuate the next time – which scares the heck out of me.

Evacuating is a PITA -but worth it. Thank goodness for pet tranquilizers & beer after a long day in the car!

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  1. We’re so relieved you evacuated and are safe! Thinking of you from up here in Massachusetts. The pix on CNN and Weather Channel are not lookin’ good. We hope you find all well at home, when you get back. Bet the kids think this is all a great, big adventure. Love to all, Deb & Chet

  2. Well, like we do in Florida, prepare of the worst, hope for the best, and learn how to read the NOAA site. We’ve gotten pretty good at predicting at where things are going, which now that I think about it, is a pretty sad hobby to have. Glad things are looking up for ya’ll. My parents are in Central La and are watching and waiting. Be safe driving home!

  3. So glad there is minimal damage to the area of your home. Mostly, glad you are all safe & that you did evacuate. Hurricanes are unpredictable, & it could have been a horror show if the hurricane had maintained the strength it had, & people were complacent & had remained. Hopefully, this will make for a good trial run of what to do if something happens in the future. It can only improve if people learn from this experience. Now for a way to stop hurricanes from happening. Maybe that will be in the future.
    Love you & stay safe! Mom & Dad

  4. Glad to hear you and the house are ok, and I hope all of your friends are ok as well.

    You are right, since this was not as bad as it might have been, some will stay home the next time there is a required evacuation.

    There is a special name for people like that. “Idiots”. And Darwin will cull them from the herd, hopefully before they can breed.

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