Must…look away…from the weather – UGH!!!

House cleaned, car cleaned, stuff unpacked, pictures back on wall, yard cleaned up, lawn furniture out of garage, hubby and kids home for a solid week (need I say more). People are still returning, areas are still without power, grocery stores are getting stocked up, I bought ice in a bag today, the weather is gorgeous, one neighbor never unpacked. Neighbors are cleaning the their houses after trees fell through them. My husband wondered if he should put our lawn furniture back in the garage. Football practice this weekend, school on Monday, hubby heading back to work and then….Ike.

images-2This quote from @bsicomics on Twitter today cracked me up “Wonder Twins powers activate. Form of giant Tina Turner: to bitch slap Ike out of our path.”

Now go away Ike, turn around to any unpopulated area and just go. We don’t want you here!!! We are friendly here in Louisiana, but not for the likes of you!

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  1. BSI Comics always cracks me up on Twitter!
    I just got home from my evac tonight at 8:30pm. Probably turning around and heading back to in-laws in a couple of days. Sucks.

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