As most of you know (splashed on the freaking front page of the T-P – thanks Cindy Chang), I am not working for at the moment. $200 a month was nice, but I think I can make up for that with ads on this blog (there are a couple coming – and the crowd goes wild). I will not be returning there until I am finished collecting the 3,000 signatures necessary to recall the Mayor of Mandeville (which we will). Actually, I am enjoying my freedom (no censorship – I can have a potty mouth here – LOL), no deadlines (hated those), no stressing about writers block (which I rarely get)! So here is where you come in dear readers, tell all your friends about Kiss My Gumbo!!! The more the merrier!!!

BTW – still wouldn’t trade moving here for anything! I love Louisiana – hurricanes and all!

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