OK – back to fun on this blog. I’m not done with the recall, but this blog needs to be about fluffy bunnies and rainbows…just a fun place to come and read. It is my happy place and hopefully yours. Thanks you reader Barb, for reminding me why you come here! Here is my “I need list,” maybe you can help me with one of them.

***I need Cesar Millan to come work with Chulo the Stupor Dog. I was embarrassed to see Michael Vick’s dogs rehabilitated on TV and then realize my own freaking dog is worse. He is great around the cats and the kids. But …don’t wear white pants near him. If you are another dog – fugetaboutit!!! Did I ever tell you he bit his last trainer after he developed a bleeding ulcer from being with her for a whole week. Anyone care to take on my basket case dog???

***I need a “Yard Roomba” that picks up branches. I spent a whole hour in the yard and 10 minutes later – it was trashed again! I want to kick Ike’s ass!

***I need to lose my “hurricane weight.” When did the 5 pounds I finally lost suddenly reappear??? WTF? Seriously, I finally fit in my favorite pair of pants, Gustav is over and…they shrunk. Ya, that is it. After 3 years, they magically shrunk. Grrrrrr….

***I need to quit worrying about what I want to do when I grow up.

***I need sanity delivered to my door on Sunday – between 3 & 6. My daughter is turning 8 and I had one of those, “Sure honey, you can have as many friends over our house on the weekend of a hurricane for a pool party. I’d love to have them all play dress-up in the house and scream while listening to Hannah Montana.” I am soooo heating the pool in case there is an inkling of a chance they can go swimming. Think dry and sunny thoughts for me!

***I need some fresh cheesy reality shows or at least The Soup 5 days a week. I sleep better after watching them – they help the hamster in my head fall asleep!

***I need you to tell all your friends about Kiss My Gumbo.

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  1. swimming should be doable (is that a word?) this afternoon. Good luck with that!

    I gained 10 lbs of Katrina weight. Thank goodness I only gained 5 with Gustav. I have decided to refrain from the gym until Hurricane season is officially over. Pass the twinkies!!!

  2. Ooooooooooooooh what can I call my weight? No hurricanes here so I need to think of something! Oh how about SEC football season weight; staying in to watch all the games? LOL

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