We almost made it through the “witching hour” yesterday. Most parents know about this phenomena. You’ve got the kids moving along nicely after school. They had their snack…they are motivated to go out and play…almost finished with homework and then…BAM…it happens…COMPLETE MELTDOWN!!!! Well when you have 2 kids who are teetering on the edge of complete meltdown and they are both about out of patience…all hell breaks loose! They both lost it yesterday as they feed off each other. Then “Linda Blair Mom” rears her ugly head. My head was spinning 360 and green slime was coming out of my mouth. Then the words, “You are both grounded for the rest of the week,” spewed out. Punishment for me – UGH!!!! Now to do the, “You can earn back privileges for good behavior.” Why did I sign up for this Mommy job? Oh ya – most rewarding job in the world (pay sucks). I do love being a Mom and I have the most wonderful kids – but some days… Today is a better day already! The Princess of Positive has spoken.