I wish Caltech Girl didn’t tell me about the Woot Off. Oh – so you never heard of Woot. Well, first off I go there for the humor (like reading Playboy for the articles). No – really, it is a shopping site. They list one item a day (except for the Woot-off where they do one an hour for 24 hours) and when it is gone – it is gone. But the humor in the descriptions of their products usually makes me pee in my pants!

Here is a little of their sales pitch for a Timex clock radio:

There’s an episode of Roseanne where Dan Conner goes to Becky’s boyfriend Mark’s apartment for one reason or another. Mark’s not in, but Dan winds up having a beer with Mark’s roommate. Talk turns to the massive stereo system in the apartment. The roommate asks Dan what kind of system he has at home, and the unglamorous, unhip, unyoung Dan answers, “A clock radio.”

Good gag. But if the Timex TS70B had been around in 1990-whenever, they’d have had to find some other audio appliance to push around. Compatible with all Sansa e200 and c200 players, the Timex TS70B actually manages to make the lowly clock radio kind of – dare we? We dare – cool.

I still haven’t decided if my dream job is to write for Fark, Woot, Scrappleface (Scott Ott visited & commented on my blog today – I’m in heaven), The Onion, The New Orleans Levee or if I should just pursue my dream of being a collections agent for one hour a day to get all the bitchiness out of me. So many choices bwahahaha. Oh and stick around for the “Bag of Crap” from Woot. It is usually $5 and is filled with goodies (so I’ve been told).

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  1. I know lots of cords, but have heard that once in a while they will throw in something really good like a thumb drive or something.

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