You can say whatever you want about me, but NEVER question my patriotism. Yes, I am pretty sure if you cut me open, red white and blue would bleed from my veins. I have a couple of cool stories to share with you.

I had a nice direct flight on Southwest from New Orleans to Vegas. About half way through the flight the flight attendant asked all veterans and active duty personnel to click on their call light. Then a little bit later, she asked everyone to close their shades and light up their call buttons like birthday candles. We then proceeded to sing “God Bless America.” Though nobody should ever have to listen to me sing, I sang along and tried not to get too choked up. Wouldn;t it be nice if every flight crew did this?

Soldiers’ Angels gave me cards that say “Thank you for your service (you can print your own up – ask me how)! If you ever need us contact us.” My kids are usually with me passing these out to veterans wearing baseball caps or to those in uniform. This trip I got to hand them out myself. Makes me proud to know I am part of something that can make a difference.

At the grocery store, at festivals…everywhere, you can hear me saying, “Thank you for your service.” When I see a Veteran (baseball hats with units are big identifiers) or someone in uniform, I don’t hesitate to say thank you. You would be surprised at some of the reactions you get. Some people have never been thanked before and just those simple words can bring tears to their eyes.

On the way home from Vegas I saw a group of about 10 soldiers going through the airport. I yelled out, “Thank you all for your service.” I got lots of smiles.

We all can make a difference, and it doesn’t have to cost money. Come be part of Soldiers’ Angels today – we need you! You can also contact me directly and I would be happy to help you or a group get involved.

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  1. you can print your own up – ask me how

    How? I will be traveling at the end of next month and would love to pass these out at the airport. I always see our military when I travel. You can email me, if you want.

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