Who will help make this recall petition successful?

I currently feel that the majority of citizens of Mandeville would sign the recall petition if it was handed to them while they lay in bed. In my honest opinion, those that will not sign, have had some type of personal or business dealing with him that makes them scared that if he stays in office and finds out they signed, will come back to haunt them somehow. It is called standing up for what you believe and doing what is right. This is not personal, never has been, never will be. This is about doing the right thing.

As you know, I have been spending a ton of time working on the petition to recall the Mayor of Mandeville, Eddie Price. Time away from helping soldiers or doing things for m family. I feel strongly about his needing to leave office for many reasons. Mainly, because I am trying to teach my children how honesty and integrity are so important. If their local leader doesn’t meet up to a minimum moral example for them, how can I, knowing I have the power to change things, let that go on? I don’t think I need to re-hash all the things he has done that have shamed the City of Mandeville.

You can go on and on and remind me of all the good things he has accomplished before I lived here. You can tell me what a great guy he is, or that he has a wonderful family…that doesn’t matter. What matters to me, is that he has violated my trust and shown the world that he believes there are two sets of laws in this beautiful city that I am proud to call my forever home. We must all, politicians and every day citizens, abide by the same code of ethics and laws in society.

I have stood up proudly and without hesitation, to fight this small local political fight. I do not want to give up or step away from it now. However, like the “Little Red Hen” childhood story goes, we can’t all look to the next person to do all the work. The citizens of Mandeville need to take a stand and unify and offer their time and efforts if this recall effort is to be a success.

Who will help make this recall petition successful?

If you want to get involved and step up – now is the time.
http://mandevillerecall.blogspot.com mandevillerecall@gmail.com or e-mail me greatperry@gmail.com

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