Oh Lord – my dad Sherm, who turns 80 this year, is going to have heart failure over the economy. He is ready to stuff his mattress with money (he probably already has and is hiding it from my Mother). Trying to calm him down is absolutely useless. He needs a crisis to focus on, so now he is glued to the stock market 24-7 now. Oy!

How ’bout you, are you in panic mode or are older relatives in your family?

Is everyone too “Chicken Little – the sky is falling” right now….or is it me?

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4 Replies to “Stuffing Mattresses”

  1. My father has checked out, mentally. He’s about the same age.

    The evaporation of his investments isn’t the sole cause, but according to my mother, he’s in “la-la land” nearly 24/7 now and has stopped paying attention to politics, news, and all the current events interests he had. His life revolves around old movies that she brings him on DVD. She’s not even sure he’s going to vote.

    The last couple of years have been to him like Katrina was to many old people here — pushing him along the mental shuffleboard court toward the end of things. I really think the 401k crisis is going to have terrible mental effects on thousands of older Americans.

    (I’d like to stay anonymous here.)

  2. My dad too is worried sick about this. He is retired from the Post Office and fears that his retirement is in jeopardy. It is sad to see his so worried about his future at the age of 72…

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