Thank you Mary Payton Vigil, you have brought together a community just by being you, a beautiful innocent child with a rare disease. Last night, about 400 people attended the most amazing benefit for you. It was the perfect evening, the stars were shining, and it went off as though it had been planned by professionals and not volunteers. You brought out people who may not normally attend fundraisers. You snuck into the heart of so many, who graciously donated items and their time for you. You brought together a group of people who have become so involved and concerned with helping you and your family. You tugged on heartstrings of parents who are blessed with healthy children. You made people realize how precious life is and how mundane problems are so irrelevant in the scheme of life.

We were all there because we want you to get the treatment that is available for your form of Late Infantile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (LINCL), sometimes referred to as Batten Disease. We will be here for you in years to come. Because of you Mary Payton, we are all better people.

If you would like to donate money that will directly benefit Mary Payton and other children struggling with this rare and almost always fatal disease, please click here. There are treatments that can stop the progression of this disease and her foundation is now even able to hire a full-time staff research employee. We all want the 200-300 children in the US who have this disease to get the fighting chance they deserve.

Yes, together we can make miracles happen!

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