Firs the interview with Kevin Farley (second half), now swag from An American Carol (and the crowd goes wild). I know, I am just some stoopid blogging mom who has a weekend radio show – but this is a big deal for me! We got hats (which the kids wore to the movies) and posters.

Now the real MM has an “M” on his hat from Michigan State. Michael Malone’ hat has an “S” on it. Not being one to start rumors, but I am starting this one, I think the “S” is for Sarah Palin!!!!

Update from Wikipedia:

“Throughout his film Bowling for Columbine (2002) Moore proudly sports a Michigan State University baseball hat.”

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  1. hey Greta,

    Being from MI maybe I can clarify the MM hat deal. If MM’s hat is blue with a yellow or gold M then it’s actually from the University of Michigan. If his hat were from Michigan State it would be green with a white S on it. Huge rivalry between the two in MI as you can imagine!

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