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Tomorrow I will have Toby Nunn, the first soldier to lead the Iraqi training mission. I will also have Joy McCann, author of Little Miss Attila. She has all the latest dirt on the movie, An American Carol’s SNAFU (you’ll have to hear it).

*Antoinette Puglia Fundraiser is Saturday October 11th. Here is all the information on where to get the tickets. A great cause and it looks like a fabulous event.

* Another great site to follow local New Orleans fundraisers is Friend in Need.

* Check out this cute and silly site called Pets in Clothes. Don’t forget to check out Cute Overload too.

* Why are some people so angry? During the City Council meeting this week, I was standing at the recall petition as usual, when an angry man came over looking for trouble. He started out being mad that we were standing in front of the Memorial at City Hall, which I would have had no problem moving from. Then he started spewing crud out his mouth, ripped up our sign, tossed the metal stake at a group of women standing there and told me to move my ass in front of City Hall. I thanked him for his service from the beginning, but let’s face it – you can’t reason with an irrational supporter of Mayor Price who seeks violence as a way to deal with things. Creepy. FYI The recall petition is moving along – but we need more volunteers and more signatures – so come on and help!!!

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