Ya – this is one of my self-reflecting posts. If you don’t like it, there is plenty more variety in the archives. Go on…move along…

If you are a regular reader here, you know that I attempt to be Superwoman on a regular basis. My mid-life, you just turned 40 this past March, have 7 years of college behind you and have been a stay at home mom for 12 years – has officially gone into overdrive. Funny, how my “what I want to do when I grow up” has completely changed from “what I thought I wanted to do when I grow up.” Now my proverbial iron is in every fire imaginable and I am hoping something pans out. It has to! I do plan on achieving perfect balance with my selfish view of what I think my life should be like, including the perfect career. But, when I look at everything I accomplish or don’t (like domestic goddess tasks) on a daily basis, I need to stop and remind myself that I pretty much have it all, minus the paycheck. In the meantime, let me keep dragging you along on my journey to achieve Feng Shui in my life. For now I think I’ll just move some furniture around.

If you have perfect balance in your life…please tell me the secret!

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One Reply to “My Shui went Feng”

  1. Greta sweetie…wake up and smell the community coffee….there’s no such thing is the “perfect balance”.  No matter what your life plan may be there wil never be the perfect balance!  Life is a constant ebb and flow.  the secret is to just roll with it Baby!

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