I got called a bimbo today. Seriously folks – I was LMAO!!! Being so vocal (and public) about recalling the Mayor of Mandeville, it is no surprise there are a couple of people who don’t like what I’m doing. No biggie – this is not a popularity contest – it is about doing what is right. Anyhoo, it is funny that this one “troll/Eddie Price cheerleader” chose to attack me tonight on a public forum (which was promptly removed but I saved it). This guy can’t stay away from my blog (which cracks me up) and it always pisses him off even more when I thank him for being such a faithful reader. FYI – he was referring to my video post here.

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12504. kiss my gumbo

are you proud of your purchased boobs? what a bimbo. i would never expose my children to such trash.

by baudelair,
10/19/08 20:11 ET

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He is mistaken by the way – they are real – (and they are spectacular – Seinfeld joke) not that it matters. As for the boat festival, we had a wonderful day in Madisonville. The weather was simply perfect! We spent a few hours on the boat and on the beach and then headed to the Madisonville Wooden Boat Festival. It was fantastic and even bigger than last year. We drooled over the boats – and there were a ton, we ate, we listened to music, we shopped around a bit. A blast – can’t wait for next year!

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4 Replies to “The bimbo & the boat festival”

  1. Looks like Boobelair has a problem with others’ boobage.

    Jealousy rears its ugly green head in the form of a troll who can’t be bothered to have a blog of their own. Good thing you are providing that Boob with some high-class, first-rate entertainment (for free, I might add). What else would they do with themselves? Ahahahahaha

  2. It is my understanding that baudelair is a woman – some say our great mayor’s daughter – that would explain her catty remarks! She’s about the only Price cheerleader left on the forum ……..

  3. i can’t think of any comment I could make about your boobs that wouldn’t get me into some kind of trouble, other than to say they look fantastic 🙂

  4. Baud has no sense of humor or, as another put it, is jealous. Hooray for the boobiecam. It’s a good laugh, so what the heck! Some people will use any excuse to criticize you because of your political stand – and we know where Baudelair stands.

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