I’ve always been hesitant to lease a car for fear of going over the mileage. If I had only know how cheap it was to lease locally, I never would have bought my stupid Mommy van! Thanks Cindy Chang for providing today’s Mandeville humor. You would honestly think it was something that came out of The New Orleans Levee. I wonder if the lease comes with a fuelman card paid for by my tax dollars? If so, I am soooo trading in my van and shopping at “McMath Car Leasing” for whatever they have in stock!

2 Replies to “Lease vs. Buy”

  1. to add insult to injury, a lease vehicle is tax deductable. Price can deduct the lease costs plus gas, etc, and McMath can deduct his cost… what a deal

  2. This Eddie Price sounds like he has a good deal going. How do the rest of us get in on it? Seems sociopathy helps one have a really super lifestyle. The perks are amazing. I’m going to seriously consider getting rid of my 8 yr old Chrysler Breeze for something like Price has. It does run so well though, & I don’t owe or own anyone, although no one owns me either.
    Don’t owe for the car but do own the car. Wonder how it would be to own a person. Not the style of most of us.
    Get rid of the son-of -a -gun ! He sure has, you know what, & after drinking & driving. Whew!!

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