Oh puhleeze – give me a freaking break. Tonight I was standing with the wonderful group of people with The Concerned Citizens of Mandeville (the recall group). We were on the porch of City Hall – in the dark (as the lights weren’t turned on for us until the end) collecting some signatures. A man asked me how many signatures we had and I told him about 1/4 of what we need, but we were only 2 months into this and had 4 months to go. Then he gave me that look and asked me, “Why do you want to recall the Mayor.” It is not this camper’s first time to the rodeo with people who want to debate me on an issue. I know the difference between someone who wants to debate and discuss and someone who is looking for trouble. I said, “I’m not going to debate you.” This angered him even more. The chair stepped in and gave a brilliant mission statement and this guy went nuts (I think his wife wanted to crawl under a bench). He said, “Look at all the good things Eddie has done for this City.”

I’m sure he did some great things, he’s been in office long enough that he should have. But the proverbial “cat is out of the bag,” we now know how he did all these things and it is WRONG!!! This guy started spewing off his war record and his resume (which is always a bizarre way to prove your point). Then the police pulled him in the building. Amazing that people are so intimidated by a group of determined citizens.

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6 Replies to “But look at all he did that was good”

  1. Is this the same idiot who verbally and physically attacked the group at the last council meeting? I’m cetainly glad you had police presence this time.

    What the heck does his alleged war record have to do with it? Guess that’s his only claim to fame and probably the only thing he’s ever done he could be justly proud of. Oh well, he’ll probably be there next meeting. He should have learned by now that Concerned Citizens of Mandeville are not giving up.

  2. Greta I’m sorry I couldn’t be there tonight, I’m proud to be part of this group.
    Mike Thanks for stepping up and taking control of the situation.
    I can’t fathom how some one could defend this administration at this point.
    Good Luck and see both of you soon.

  3. Also meant to say that it sounds as if Mike did a bang up job with the mission statement. He can be a pretty forceful communicator for that type of thing. He can let people know how we feel and our legitimate reasons for trying to recall Price in a very articulate way. I’m proud of him!

  4. Greta,

    I have heard the “look at all that he did was good” mantra before on the Mandeville forum.

    I make several posts on the forum requesting one example of an action by him that was good for the City of Mandeville.

    Suprisingly enough,not one example of a positive act make by Mayor Price could be cited by any of his followers.

    It would seem that for all the years he has been in office someone should be able to point to at least one thing he has done to benefit the City.

    It appears that all of his actions have been for self-benefit or for the benefit of corrupt followers. It is really a sad, sad situation.

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