I don’t care who you support – this Howard Stern skit is funny. Yes, it would even be funny if it were reversed. How Sal did this and kept a straight face is beyond me. Safe for work but spit out your coffee first.

h/t Neal Boortz

2 Replies to “Today’s Political Humor”

  1. The problem with this clip is the underlying tone of what Stern is trying to say… that blacks will vote for Obama regardless of what he stands for… regardless of what they understand. That they are voting based strictly on the color of his skin.

    I understand Stern for what he is… what his show is… I’m a fan actually… it’s the context in which such clips are passed over the internet that bothers me. The context in which a point is trying to be made that only serves to divide Americans across the lines of race.

    The Greta I knew way back when would have seen this from jump. Would have seen that it’s not Stern’s skit as much as how pumping around 2 minutes of it with the implication that blacks will vote for Obama regardless of the issues is what’s wrong.

    Humor is to Stern, as a hammer is to a carpenter. When used properly/in context both serve a proper purpose… when clubbed over the head both suck.

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