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  1. I had a thought – and don’t mistake this for criticism because it’s not….according to that article you guys have accumulated around 750 signatures in the past few months. Correct? It took the parents/homeowners in the Lonesome Rd/Greenleaves area two weeks to collect almost 2000 signatures against the districting of the new high school. Hmmm…

  2. S – we have only been at this 2 months. This has not been an easy campaign because people had originally been hesitant to get involved. Hopefully now people will realize if they don’t sing, they will be continue to be embarrassed until 2012!

  3. S this is not the most glamorous campaign and people had been hesitant to sign. I think the headlines in the paper will make people realize that he needs to go now. We have 4 more months to do this!

  4. just curious, has anyone given any thought as to what will happen if the recall is successful? the citizens will need a candidate to run against Price as it is a recall election.

  5. Had a few thoughts after reading the comments . . .

    S. – You’re comparing apples and oranges regarding the collection of signatures for these two VERY different initiatives. It’s very easy to get a response when an issue directly involves one’s children or personal situation. I’ll admit – the door-to-door approach is definitely the way to go. As I understand it, the recall effort has collected the signatures they have now without a serious DTD effort yet. Not a bad amount considering that fact. I hear the DTD movement for the recall effort is starting this weekend. I’ll hold my opinion until after that occurs.

    martyg – Are you suggesting a possible run? I’m sure there are a number of decent folks who would consider the option of running for mayor after a successful recall effort. I just hope that anyone considering a run will keep in mind that the face of politics is changing and that voters are much more savvy and informed than in generations past. The voters are watching.

  6. roccosmom – not a run by me mamn as I dont live in the city, but rather suggesting the petitioners start thinking about it. although it takes as long as 7 months for a recall to happen, that time will go by quick. and yes you are right…. voters are starting to pay closer attention to what is going on in their back yard now. maybe some good will come from all of this after all. as a side note, thank you Greta for the info on the upcoming Nov. 4 election and the links you provided.

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