I did the early voting thing today – phew! I only waited an hour and they did a great job in Covington (St Tammany Parish) putting you in a holding room and then in line. I was out of there in about an hour and a half. A friend came up to me while I was in my final short line, thinking it was a real short wait. Hated to inform him, but it is like Disney World where they try and trick your mind into believing the line wasn’t what it seemed. Anyhoo, wanted to arm you with some voting tips for November 4th:

1. Download your sample ballot from the SOS’s website here.
2. For candidate information click here.
3. To make sense of all the Constitutional Amendments in the state, click here. It is done very well.
4. St Tammany Voters, get a breakdown off all the candidates here.
***Check your polling station location – sometimes they move!!! It would be awful to wait and realize you have to go somewhere else.