Stolen from my good friend Toby.
Update – FYI – this is humor and I will be voting for McCain.

3 Replies to “I didn’t Barack the Vote”

  1. Obama promises tax cuts to 95% of tax payers. By reducing marginal rates across the board – President Bush delivered tax cuts to 100% of taxpayers. If the President’s tax cuts are not upheld Obama/Pelosi/Reed will increase taxes on 100% before reducing taxes for 95%.

  2. Randy, Dude….you hit the mail on the head. We are getting ready to experience a huge tax increase because the Democratic controlled congress will not debate a bill that was introduced by Trent Lott last year to repeal the alternative minimum tax. Most people have no idea that this is about to happen. Our taxes rates are going to go up and Obama will be able to point the finger at George Bush because this will happen just before Obama takes office (if he wins… our soul.) Then some people will get a a measly little tax cut on that amount…..Thanks alot for NOTHING, Barack!!

  3. You both obviously have not been listening to Obama’s plan and the endorsements of financial experts. To be honest, we should be paying for more taxes…maybe then we could afford better equipment and body armor for our soldiers and pay off the debt that a $10 billion/month war is costing us. Thanks alot Republicans!

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