Today, I got home from visiting a sick soldier in the hospital and Chulo the Stupor Dig didn’t greet me as usual. Usually I get the “I have such bad manners, failed 3 rounds of dog training ” jump. Nope- Chulo had trouble getting up from his new doggie bed that he has a romantic relationship with (if you know what I mean – obscene what he does to it). He wouldn’t put his little paw down. Yes, he is looking trim and fit now that he has slimmed down 10 pounds and even ran a mile with me yesterday. But, what the heck happened when I left the house? The cats are looking very guilty (especially the short bus cat). Anyhoo, I called my vet and took the little guy right over. $250 later I find out he has a badly sprained toe. Ya – I needed that bill like a good poke in the eye! Part of having animals – they cost money. But who wouldn’t spend it on this little face?img_4339

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2 Replies to “This wasn’t in the budget”

  1. My ‘boys’ have been sick this past week and have cost a big bunch……They’re getting a bit better. They sure need extra cuddling too, just like children.

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