I figure that you all have so much to say about the upcoming elections (local and Presidential) – here is your opportunity – go for it! Rant away!

Amazingly, as opinionated as I am, I’m also very respectful of other points of view. It is what it is at this point and I’ve already cast my vote. The world will not stop if my candidate doesn’t win and life will continue to go on. We live in the best Country in the world and every day I feel blessed to live here. We have our military both past and present to thank for so much of that. Hooah!

I won’t delete comments unless they are racist. Have fun!

One Reply to “Comment Away”

  1. Looks like everyone is as tired of this extended election period as I am. I fear what will happen if Obama manages to steal the election with Acorn’s help, but with the margins the Dems will have in Congress, I am not sure McCain will have much of a chance keeping the country in the center.

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