I have my own personal beliefs on lots of things – call me opinionated if you want. I may speak about them publicly (especially if you ask), blog about them, but I certainly DO NOT try to impose my beliefs on others. This goes for religion and politics – unless you want to sign a recall petition (LOL). Anyhoo, as a current non-practicing Jew (who married a Christian and has a Great Aunt who is a nun), who has a McCain/Palin sign on my front lawn, it was strange getting the letter below in my mailbox today. My neighbor across the street, who served in the military and has an Obama sign, also received one (hence the Abama reference). The letter is just creepy if you ask me and I have no idea how I managed to get this “gift today.” No matter what the results of the election, we are all going to be fine. At the end of the day, we are all blessed to live in the greatest Country in the world.

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7 Replies to “We are all going to be OK tomorrow”

  1. Wow! That would have TOTALLY freaked me out! Any kind of anonymous creepy stuff in my mailbox…. And then it’s just so ridiculous.

    Oh well, we just never know about people, do we?

    I have to say the teacher in me just wants to take a red pen to it to correct the grammar and spelling!

  2. He needs a spell checker. A brain would be useful as well.

    Congratulations to LA for its 59/39 support of McCain. We did 66/34 here in OK. Not enough states did the same though, sob.

  3. You know, I know so many people who wanted a change – just wanted to be able to afford eggs and milk again – that I wouldn’t read too much into anyone’s votes this year! I think there are very few “scary” people this time around.

    Except this. This note is creepy, no matter who you voted for and – occasionally alternately (ahem) – no matter what party you are affiliated with.

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