Anyone else want to come into my bubble??? You can only come in if you promise to be nice to everyone, tolerant of all others and are “positive.” Oh ya… you must also bring me beer and cook (I have a cooking disability).

Seriously, KKK in 2008. I’m a Yankee, this is all movie and book stuff to me. This can’t be real and it can’t happen in my Parish!!! Hatred is such a waste of energy. I am still in shock after learning that the co-chair of the Mandeville recall petition’s house is under investigation for arson after a weekend house fire – now this. OMG! I want fluffy bunnies and pretty rainbows to dominate my thoughts.

I need to put on my tiara and think more positive thoughts! Please send me your positive vibes and I’ll send you mine. Maybe together we can squash out all the nasty stuff!

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2 Replies to “Moving into a bubble”

  1. Actually it was Washington parish (Bogalusa) where the murder took place and well for people who grew up here, it’s common knowledge that racism is alive and well up there. It’s still redneck country up there. They happened to dump her in Sun which is right on the parish line.

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