I went (late – son had basketball practice), observed, and left (early – had to tuck kids in). You have no idea what you are missing (someone should start serving popcorn and beer there) – go to at least one meeting please. I watched Tom Buell step down after 30 years of service. I watched Eddie Price (the Mayor who needs to go) stand with him at the podium (Buell was another Eddie casualty). I heard the ladies who run the Trailhead (which likely won’t make the paper because the press had stepped out with Buell) complain about how they were getting the run around and boy were they angry (with Cressy). Heard about the dog park, which will probably have Chulo the Stupor Dog’s picture on the entrance with a big red slash through it. Also heard about the Keep Mandeville Beautiful program – they are doing lots of great stuff. Mostly I am disturbed at how Eddie continues to stay in office, the City Council won’t hold a vote of no confidence against him and how sad it is that the co-chair of the recall is unable to live in his house because of arson. I’m tired…nite all.

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