I woke up to the letter below. It made me want to work even harder for Soldiers’ Angels. To adopt a soldier today – click here.


My name is Sgt Dawkins and I’m currently deployed in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, I have been deployed in theater for 15 months now and would like to thank the many of loyal men and women that make this organization so great!

Since being officially adopted by April I have received many letters and warm wishes that I was brought to tears, to know that there are so many people out there that are willing to take a few minutes out of there day to think about all the men and women who serve this great country. This is why I sit here sending you this email, because I have been given so much by people who I have never seen. As a final request from a grateful soldier who serves his country proudly I would like to get my message out to all the wonderful people who have written me a letter, sent me a care package, or just have given there time to befriend a warfighter serving overseas. As my time ends here in the next month or so I reflect on all the support that has been given to me from so many people. Its people like Bianca, Linda and her family and the many people who adopt soldiers through this organization. I wish I could thank each and every member and personal friends I have made since my tour here in Afghanistan, but the list would never end so I hope this email finds you and conveys me deepest thanks. It was my honor to fight for the freedom of my country, it was my honor to have the prayers of a nation rest on my shoulders. Many think we do the things that many people would not consider, leaving our family and friends for many months to protect our way of life. Sacrificing anything and everything even at the cost of our life to ensure that we remain a free country without fear of terrorist attacks. As I have stated many of times to many of people the true hero’s are the men and women who stand behind the United States Military. The same men and women who gives us the courage to fight, the same men and women who in power us with there support and prayers. On the behalf of all the men and women of the armed forces I would like to thank you for all that you have done for us and will hopefully get to meet many of the men and women who make up this proud organization. If it is possible to send this email out to all the members of “Soldiers’ Angels” and their families I will be forever grateful and honored.

Sgt. Dawkins, Zavvan

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