This article hit me this morning as something with some serious inconsistencies &/or agenda. We already know the Times-Picayune endorsed Obama, he won and now we must all move forward. This is not newsworthy (IMHO), it is looking for trouble. The comments made me want to vomit because everyone commenting on it has the , “If it is in print it has to be true,” mentality going on. Yes, I voted for McCain (not because of the color of his skin). I am not a sore loser and think positive thoughts about Obama’s winning. I understand that St. Tammany is predominantly Republican so I think implying everyone here is racist is preposterous. McCain lost and the one that won was not aligned with the majority of the residents’ political beliefs – end of story. Why make everything about race? We already have the KKK group of dirtbags in our news. Freaking morons who shot their own. Let’s all move forward.

The title of the article was “Some St. Tammany schools ban talk about Obama’s election”
Me: This would be a story if it were a policy, not because a reporter found a few kids on the playground that said it was true.

According to interviews with many students and school administrators in the past week, some teachers not only avoided talk of the election, but also banned students from discussing it or mentioning Obama’s name.

me: This is truly an agenda-slanted statement and should not be taken as the gospel. Maybe in racially-mixed schools where tensions are already high, teachers discouraged taunting after the election? The Princess of Positive would like to think that this is the case.

“It’s racial, ” Davis said afterward. “We have a person that’s black that made president. This is the South, this is a completely Republican parish.”

Me: Thank you Mr. Davis for stating the facts that should have been the lead in the story. A completely Republican Parish doesn’t embrace Obama’s politics may have been a better title.

Many students said teachers displayed a clear political bias, and praised McCain in class while making disparaging remarks about the president-elect. Brandy Welch, a black eighth-grader at Slidell Junior High, said one of her teachers said that “Obama’s not even from this country and that McCain is a war hero.”

Me: If this was said, the teacher should be reprimanded. But this was not validated by more than the accusation of one student. Why write this as fact?

I just have to say that this whole article is not trying to help anything, but create more problems. My 2cents FWIW (for what it’s worth).

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2 Replies to “Poking holes in an Obama/St Tammany article”

  1. Hey – it’s not a *completely* Republican parish. 🙂 I know my oldest caught some flak before the election, but his wonderful teacher made sure to try and stay neutral in class. I also know of one kid at MHS who got sent to the office for taping the front page of the Nov 5 newspaper to his shirt cause he didn’t have an Obama one. I think it was the paper, bot the message though. Someone brought him an Obama shirt and he said they kind of begrudgingly let him wear it. It happens all over, but it has more to do with someone winning and someone losing than race.
    However, my private school attending, Obama supporting nephew got a number of calls on election night saying that they hoped he was happy now that we were going to have an n-word president. Now THAT’S a problem. Most of it sounds anecdotal and I liked Gayle Sloane’s response, though.

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