There is no deal worth fighting the crowds and the aggravation! I headed to Target at 7:30 this morning for a Lego set and guess what? It wasn’t there!!! I scooped up a Baby Alive, the last of the Aerosmith Guitar Heroes, some Moon Sand on sale and headed to the counter with my arms full. Why mess with a cart? People with carts are even scarier than the crowds!!! I then headed to Best Buy to make sure the version of Guitar Hero was NOT there. Dammit – it was, but the alarm clock wasn’t and I would have had to have them unlock something to get the Microsoft Office on sale. And then I had a Best Buy panic attack- fugetaboutit – I ran for the car!!!! I stopped by Game Stop and there were at least 30 people in line and the prices weren’t even that great. Headed home and told hubby – if you want to brave a store – be my guest! has free shopping, Amazon isn’t too bad, AAFES (for my military friends) offers free shipping all the time… Years ago I swore off retail shopping after Thanksgiving and I was coerced by hubby to go to the store for the stupid Lego set that wasn’t there.

My advice – stay home, get your Christmas and Hannukah stuff out, get your holiday cards in order and wait for the better sales. My prediction, consumer spending will be down today and the stores will have even better sales in the weeks to follow!

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  1. That’s my thinking exactly. First off, I will never wake up before dawn to buy something. But more importantly, I think the sales will be even better in a couple of weeks.

    Good luck finding that Lego set!

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