Every year my husband takes the kids shopping for “Mommy gifts.” Today was the day and I got to stay home and play Cinderella (poor me – I know). I have to make a list of more stuff than I really want and they pick and choose from the list. The list included: a bunch of Bare Minerals make-up from About Face in Mandeville, a Starbuck’s gift certificate, pajamas, undies from Victoria’s Secret, a GPS for my car (trying to hold them off on this), a new camera (mine just died) and an alarm clock (mine is broken). I really would prefer coupons from the kids for chore promises but this is how hubby insists on doing it, so I must comply:)

OK dear readers – what is on your list??? That means COMMENT!!!!

6 Replies to “Shopping for Mommy”

  1. Warm jammies. And a new iPod. And a Christmas tree, plus the energy to deck the halls of our new NOLA apartment. Because it’s not home until you DO Christmas.

  2. Since when does someone else (hubby) decide what you want the most. If you value coupons from the kids for chore promises over a GPS for your car, why can’t you say so.

  3. Alva – that all sounds awesome.

    Don – it is sweet that he does this. He is like a little kid when it comes to Christmas too.

    Stacy – I think that is on everyone’s list too. Great choices!!!

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