I am writing this for those who have never been to a Royal Revelation Ceremony and for those who are convinced that Mardi Gras is only about girls tits boobs (that will increase my traffic – mwuhahaha). Last year my husband rode in the Orginal Krewe of Oprheus, but came in late. This year, he gets a whole year of traditions and camaraderie to enjoy in this Northshore men’s parade. This event took place on Nov 22nd – forgive me for positing it so late.

The attire was business dress, so hubby had on a sports coat and tie and I had on a little black dress. It is always odd to me to be so dressed up and to have tweens and teens present, but that is part of the reason for this party. You see, this event is about selecting and naming the royalty for the 2009 parade. The 2008 King and Queen pass their crowns on (and yes, the girls all wear tiaras and the King wear s a crown – I left my tiara in the car).

We were fortunate to sit next to a former King and his bride. Believe me – I had tons of questions for him! So first they had all the people who run Orpheus awards. The next came the seven Junior Maids. Each 12 year old girl was sponsored by someone to be a Maid ($). The girls were introduced as they walked down the stairs with music playing from the live band. They all looked darling wearing adorable dresses and their tiaras as they paraded around the room. They were escorted by their sponsor and the three men wearing masks (which sort of creeps me out). Then they were put in front of a a cake and all picked a string to pull out of it. The one with the gold string becomes the Orphheus Princess. Then came the Maids, who are all college students. They went through the same process and one became the Queen of Orpheus.

Oh yes, there was also the selection of the King. Each float puts up a candidate and the board votes on the selection of the King. The King is announced and he puts on the crown there is lots of music and revelation.

We enjoyed watching it experiencing it for the first time. The majority of those in attendance were those who are active members of Orpheus or those who were there to witness the revelry.

Gosh, this Mardi Gras thing is quite an experience for us Yankees!

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  1. Wowee, y’all do it different up on the far side of the lake. Ask some time, and I’ll relate to you some stories about traditional Carnival.

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