* Holy %^#*^ Batman – it is almost Christmas!!!

* Still excited about the Veterans radio show I had this past weekend. Why? Because I realize that by having radio as a platform, there is a way I can help (even if just a little bit). You can listen here.

* Had fun at a Tweetup Saturday night. Twitter.com is an on-line community. The NOLA “twitterers” got together for a little holiday party. @kissmygumbo if you join.

* Don’t forget NORAD Santa & North Pole.com.
* Proud that I helped get an offensive video removed from the web last week. It offended me greatly as it was very insulting to our wounded heroes.

* No snow this week – 60’s yippee!!! One day of snow a year is welcome here – the kids can’t stop talking about it.

* Organizing tip of the day – start a yard sale pile before Santa comes!!!

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